Demonstrate the capacity to address and defend the salient aspects of a research proposal, including an explicitly developed rationale

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6SO998 - Independent Study for Sport and Exercise

Key dates and details

Assessment Type:

Individual Thesis

Assessment weighting:


Word count/Length:

8000 words (this is a guide and will vary depending on the subject of investigation)

Learning Outcomes:

1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.

Submission Method:

Electronic submission ONLY to Turnitin of a written report submitted as a .doc or .docx format file

Submission Date:


Provisional Feedback Release Date:

Following the summer examination board. Due to the extended length of the submission, this project does not have a 15 working day return policy.

Description of the assessment

You will undertake a substantial research exercise in the area of Sport, Therapy, Exercise or Health Sciences. You are expected to draw upon the knowledge you have gained throughout your studies, apply research and critical problem-solving skills, and demonstrate a concise and critical scientific writing style. This project represents a large proportion of the activity you will undertake in the final year of your degree and requires extensive planning. The thesis grade includes the consideration of your project management skills (assessed by your supervisor). By meeting regularly, starting your data collection early and being proactive in solving problems, you can better demonstrate exceptional project management (read the grading rubric carefully).

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate the capacity to address and defend the salient aspects of a research proposal, including an explicitly developed rationale.
  2. Demonstrate an ability to systematically collate, structure and critically appraise academic and subject appropriate literature.
  3. Establish and execute an appropriate framework of investigation including a justified model of enquiry underpinned by a detailed critical decision-making process.
  4. Structure a report that maintains an objective position relative to the context of current knowledge and opinion, drawing critically appropriate conclusions and applied implications.
  5. Demonstrate the independent motivation and self-management required to compose and communicate a coherent and detailed investigation deemed relative to the programme of study

If you have a support plan and would like to use the extra time you are allowed, remember to contact the module leader and tell them before the deadline.

  • Using extra time will change your submission deadline and when you receive feedback, so make a note of these dates as they will differ from those stated above.
  • You may also be required to submit your work to a different submission point.

Assessment Content: 6SO998 - Independent Study for Sport and Exercise

Coursework 1: A written scientific report presented according to a style consistent with the discipline area and agreed with the supervisor.

You are required to undertake substantial research activity, which may take the form of either:

  • An original research investigation (i.e., measurements and/or the collection of new data, or access to a pre-existing dataset (from supervisor or public source) upon which an original analysis can be performed).


  • A literature review (typically in the form of a systematic review, where a defined method is used to search and synthesise existing literature to answer a specific research question).

** You will find a series of author guidelines related to each presentation style. You should discuss with your supervisor, the best format for presenting your research.

Important (Additional) Deadlines:

In addition to the assessment submission deadlines, there are several important deadlines for this module.

  • You must submit an ethics application using the online portal, including a risk assessment for your project by Friday 23:59 on 5th November.
  • If changes are required to your ethics and risk assessment applications, then you must revise and resubmit by 23:59 on Friday 10th of December

Enforced Project Alteration (only applies to original research investigations)

To ensure the safety of those involved in testing (participants and investigators), and to support the timely completion of a thesis that will meet the module learning outcomes, then you may be assigned an equivalent systematic literature review title by your supervisor. Demonstrate the capacity to address and defend the salient aspects of a research proposal, including an explicitly developed rationale. This forced project alteration will apply if one of the following applies:

  • If yzu were asked to revise your ethics form and it still does not fulfil the requirements for ethical clearance by the final submission on December 10th


  • If you were supposed to be undertaking a project including the collection of new data and you have not commenced any data collection for your project by Friday 11th March


  • If you were using existing data and have made no attempt at analysis by Friday 11th March

This decision will be made by the supervisor in discussion with the module leader (Dr Joel Chidley and/or head of discipline area (Dr Andy Hooton).

Standard Formatting Guidelines For All Submissions

There are several author guidelines for you to select from in discussion with your supervisor, however, the following standard formatting should be used for all projects:

  • Recommended word count: 8000 words (not including text included on a title page, contents pages, acknowledgements, or on figures, tables or in appendices).
  • Cover sheet (statement of authenticity)
  • Default margins: top/bottom 2.54cm, left/right 3.17cm,
  • 1.5 line spaced,
  • Printed on both sides
  • Font – Calibri,
  • Font size 11pt,
  • Titles and subheadings bold, maximum font size 18pt),
  • Page numbers (bottom centred),
  • Referencing style; see author guidelines appropriate to your project, but typically APA,
  • Figures centre aligned
  • Figure title below the figure, bold and left-aligned
  • Tables centre aligned,
  • Table title above the table, bold and left-aligned,
  • Figures and tables should only be included if referred to in the body of the text.
  • Reference list must be included.

** Note: The word count is a guide. As your project progresses, you should discuss with your supervisor the types of things you intend to include. Your work should always be guided by satisfying the aims of the project, demonstrate a depth of understanding of the project area, and provide appropriate detail so that a reader can understand what you have done. You are encouraged to write concisely. As such your word count should be discussed with your supervisor if you are concerned that you are writing too little or too much. Demonstrate the capacity to address and defend the salient aspects of a research proposal, including an explicitly developed rationale

6SO998 - Independent Study for Sport and Exercise

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