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In the UK, the demand for the software developers is increasing at a rapid. The basic need of the software houses is the expertise in the programming language. Therefore, the command over the two famous programming languages is the basic need to flourish your career as a best developer in the UK. There are two mostly used languages that are JAVA and C++ that helps in OOP.

The C++ programming was specifically introduced to C programming language to add the Object Oriented Programming (OOP). The object oriented programming is a programming service itself that helps to focus on the objects to be manipulated rather than the logics of manipulations. Examples of the objects can range from Humans to car etc.

The JAVA itself is an extension of the C++ language, this means that it have wider support to the OOP. The OOP courses are especially for the students to help understand the logics of the OOP programming in more detail. The courses that the graduate students can opt for are as follows: CGS 5409: This course is for OOP in C++ for non-majors. COP 3330: This is the core requisite of the Principle of computer organisation. Ap0 020: Ap0020 a self-assessment test that helps you to determine your grasp about object oriented programming OOP in C++ and JAVA. Ap0020 consists of the test module that is based on questions and assignment.

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