Fortnite is an online video game made by a company called Epic Games. Players can fight enemies, collect materials and items, and make buildings.

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Assignment A 

Text 2 – Lower Intermediate

ü  This part of the assignment focuses on stage 2 of a lower-intermediate reading lesson.

ü  You should show what you would do for the vocabulary pre-teaching stage of the lesson.

ü  Include any references necessary in the bibliography template. See `Referencing` document for advice on what is required.

ü  Read `Advice on Approaching this Assignment` before you begin work on this template.

ü  Class: Lower intermediate (B1), 13 young learners, age range 12-14.

These students attend EFL classes because their parents are keen for them to have extra English lessons in addition to what their state schools provide. Many of them resent having to come to language school, but you have found you can engage them if you make the lessons fun and interesting.

Fortnite – a pleasure or a problem?

Fortnite is an online video game made by a company called Epic Games. Players can fight enemies, collect materials and items, and make buildings. The game has three different versions, known as `modes`.  The most popular mode is called ‘Battle Royale’. In a battle royale, players start with no items, and collect weapons and other equipment as they play. Players try to remove other players and survive until the end of the game. A Battle Royale begins with up to one hundred players. The last player left alive is the winner.

Fortnite is extremely popular. It came out in 2017 and now has hundreds of millions of players. And Epic Games has made hundreds of millions of dollars. Celebrities, such as the rapper, Drake, play the Battle Royale mode. Other people have become celebrities because they play the game. Fortnite is one of many video games which is played competitively as an ‘esport.’  In summer 2019, there was a lot of attention in the British media when the 15-year-old schoolboy, Jaden Ashman, won the second prize in the first Fortnite World Cup. Jaden and his 21-year-old Dutch game partner, Dave Jong, shared a prize of 2.25 million US dollars. Jaden`s mother said she always tried to stop him wasting his time on the game. 

The company sells a lot of game-related products, such as branded clothes and action figures. Players can buy additional features for the game with Fortnite’s own currency; ‘V-bucks,’ which they can earn as they play the game. A popular additional feature is silly dances for the characters. Many people copy the game’s dances in real life. There are numerous videos of people doing these dances on YouTube and other websites.

There are concerns about Fortnite. Parents and teachers worry about how much time children spend playing the game when they should be doing schoolwork. Some believe that it is addictive. Items in the game are bought with V-bucks, but V-bucks can be bought with real money. There are many reports of children spending their parents’ money on the game without permission. Although the game is colourful and has a lighthearted style, some adults feel that it is too violent for children. After all, the Battle Royale mode involves killing other player’s characters with guns and other weapons.


Lesson Aims:

ü  To extend and practise productive use of vocabulary for talking about computer games and associated topics.

ü  To further develop reading skills through short reading activities on skimming and intensive reading.

Lesson Outline:

ü  These children are not keen on reading, but quite enjoy learning new vocabulary and interactive games.

ü  You have decided to place more focus on the vocabulary and speaking activities and will allocate timings roughly as follows:

1. Lead into topic (warmer) - 10 mins

2. Vocabulary pre-teaching (Presentation and short practice task) - 25 mins

3. First reading - 4 mins

4. Second reading - 9 mins

5. Follow-on activity (communicative speaking task) - 12 mins

You need to select 10 vocabulary items for pre-teaching and show how you would present two of those items in stage 2.

1. Vocabulary Pre-Teaching Planning Table

ü  In this table, show ten items from the text to pre-teach. The table is not a handout for the students.

ü  Read `Advice on Approaching Assignment A` before you begin work on this table.

Maximum word count for the vocabulary table: 700 words, including the wording already on the template



(General definition)

How Meaning will be Conveyed to Students, including  Language-Graded Definition

Grammatical and Other Information

Concept Questions

 (if needed)

IPA transcription AND
word stress pattern

(be) obsessed with something

unable to stop thinking about someone or something;



unhealthily interested in or worried about someone or something


I will explain, beginning with the near synonym `very very interested in` and giving some examples


After (hopefully) eliciting, I will give a couple of examples:

He`s obsessed with his weight.

She`s obsessed with the royal family.

language graded Definition for B1: to think and talk about someone or something too much (Cambridge Learners Dictionary)


Noun form – an obsession


Can be insulting to tell someone they are obsessed with something.



Is this the same as being interested in something or stronger? (stronger)


Is it normal to be obsessed with something? (No)

/əb`sest wɪð/

(or / wɪɵ/)


stress - oOo



(General definition)

How Meaning will be Conveyed to Students, including  Language-Graded Definition

Concept Questions

(if needed)

Grammatical and Other Information

IPA transcription AND
word stress pattern



Please remove these examples before using the template.

Don`t need to define

I will show a picture.

Not necessary

Countable noun 

Most people just say `rhino` /`raɪnoʊ/




















































2. Vocabulary Pre-Teaching Presentation Materials

ü  In this space, insert any materials you would use: e.g., visual aids, worksheets, what you would write on the board, etc.  

ü  If you use images, do not use more than 6. These do not need to be the actual size you would use in the classroom.

ü  If you prefer, you can submit the images in a separate document, but please label them clearly IMAGES FOR VOCABULARY.

ü  You do not need to devise the practice task.





3. Teacher Language for Teaching Two Items


ü  This part of the assignment is set to enable us to assess your language grading, eliciting, pronunciation teaching and concept checking.

ü  You must show:

§  The language you would use for presenting 2 of your selected vocabulary items that could not be explained using only pictures.

§  Present what you would say in dialogue form including some expected student responses.


A)  Elicit and Explain

T: Does anyone know a word that means very very interested in something in a strange way?

S1: fascinated?

T: That`s a good suggestion, yes. But the word I`m thinking of also means fascinated in a strange way, like when someone is really really interested in a famous person – more interested than normal. Always thinking about them. (Teacher puts on an `obsessive` face.)

S2: Obsessing?

T: Great! That`s it! But not obsessing – different ending. Anyone?

S2: Obsessed.

T: That`s it. Well done. To be obsessed and what preposition comes after it? Lina?

Lina: With?

T: Great. To be obsessed with someone or something (writes on board). Everyone repeat `obsessed with.`

B)   Teach the Pronunciation

Class: obsessed with

T: Good. How many syllables are in obsessed?

S3: Two

T: Yes, and where`s the stress, first or second syllable? Obsessed

S1:  Second.

T:  Great! Again, everyone: obsessed with

Class: obsessed with, obsessed with

C)  Concept Check

T: Well done! So if I say `Jamal is obsessed with his neighbour`, is that normal or strange? Samia?

Samia: It`s strange.

T : That`s right. Martin, how would you feel if someone is obsessed with you?

Martin: I think I will be nervous!

N.B.  If you do not use direct speech, you will be required to resubmit the whole assignment.

ü  In this space, give the language you could use for presenting two of your vocabulary items which need to be concept checked.

ü  Show how you would elicit, explain, concept check and teach the pronunciation.

ü  Each item should be approximately 200 words.







ü  Don`t forget to include any references in the bibliography template. See Referencing for requirements.

ü  Convert this template to a PDF when it is completed. Please check the appearance of the PDF is correct before submitting.

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