For Task A, you are required to use NetBeans IDE to create a Java based Restaurant Menu Information System. To create the system, you need to create a project named MenuIS containing a class called MenuInfo

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Some notes on what this means for students:

  1. Copying another student`s work is an offence, whether from a copy on paper or from a computer file, and in whatever form the intellectual property being copied takes, including text, mathematical notation and computer programs.
  2. Taking extracts from published sources without attribution is an offence. To quote ideas, sometimes using extracts, is generally to be encouraged. Quoting ideas is achieved by stating an author`s argument and attributing it, perhaps by quoting, immediately in the text, his or her name and year of publication, e.g. " e = mc2 (Einstein 1905)". A reference section at the end of your work should then list all such references in alphabetical order of authors` surnames. (There are variations on this referencing system which your tutors may prefer you to use.) If you wish to quote a paragraph or so from published work then indent the quotation on both left and right margins, using an italic font where practicable, and introduce the quotation with an attribution.
Task A: To create a Java based Restaurant Menu Information System (MenuIS) using NetBeans IDE. Requirement of the system is described in Task A section.

Task B: You are required to write a report with length about 2600 words based on the system development and its functionalities you created. Requirement of the report is given in Task B section.

You are required to submit two files:

  1. Java project MenuIS should be zipped as
  2. A report named as report12345678.doc
  3. A video presentation (MP4 file, between 6-10 minutes) to demonstrate how it works.

Please Note: The filenames must follow the convention described above, and use your student ID number to replace “12345678”;

ALL these 3 files must be submitted to the WebLearn by the deadline, which is declared in the face page of this coursework specification.

Task A – Programming.

1. Requirements for the Restaurant Menu Information System

For Task A, you are required to use NetBeans IDE to create a Java based Restaurant Menu Information System. To create the system, you need to create a project named MenuIS containing a class called MenuInfo. Since the system stores menu information,  its GUI should have a table with the title “Menu Details” for storing and displaying the following menu items: Dishes Number, Category (such as beef, lamb, chicken, pork, and vegetable), Dish Name within each category (e.g. beef curry, roast beef etc.), Spiciness (very hot, medium hot, mild hot) and Price. (These should be the minimum number of menu items, but you can include more if you want.)

The requirements for the input GUI are:

  • Radio buttons for spiciness;
  • Combo box for selecting categories;
  • Text fields for all others.
  • The table should have at least 5 categories and 12 dishes in your demonstration.

For the project GUI, a simple menu bar is required. It should have at least the following items:

  • File – with Open File for opening an existing file and Exit for closing the system;
  • Help – for user help files.

The project should provide functionality for searching dishes based on price. If two or more dishes in the system have the same price, only the first matching dish should be displayed in a JOptionPane message box. If no such dish is found in the table, then the system should display something meaningful in a JOptionPane message box. The search method should be implemented based on the binary search algorithm. The system GUI should have a text field for entering the search criteria (in this case, price) and a search button named “Search dishes” for searching.

You are required to implement a function for querying how many dishes are available in a category. For this function, Combo box should be implemented to provide the search criteria (e.g. beef, lamb, chicken, pork and vegetable), and a button named “dishes available in category” for searching. The search result should be displayed meaningfully in a JOptionPane message box, for example “There are three pork dishes: sweet and sour pork, fried pork chops and grilled pork”.

Task B – Report.

1. Report requirement:

For the report, you need to describe the process of developing the system:

  • Describe how NetBeans was used for developing the GUI.
  • Describe each method you created in the MenuInfo class.
  • Describe how Binary search algorithm was used for the search function. Use a diagram to illustrate the algorithm.

Testing should be carried out and testing evidence should be provided:

  • Test your program to show it can run in NetBeans, and include a screenshot to show running result.
  • Evidence needed for: adding item details to table; searching for item in table based on price; searching for number of dishes in a category; and opening a file from menu.
  • Evidence on system validation: appropriate dialog boxes should appear when unsuitable values or no value are entered when executing system’s functions.

In the conclusion section of your report, you should evaluate your work, reflect on what you have learnt from the coursework, what difficulties/problems you may have encountered and how you overcame them.

Style and quality of your report will be marked.

2. A recommended structure for your report

  • Cover Page  {clear and concise- e.g. Task B: Technical Report, Module Code, Module Title, names of group members and their ID numbers}
  • Contents Page  {structure of report - section numbers, heading and page numbers}
  • Individual Tasks {clearly list who did what – which part of the system development/testing/report was done by whom.}
  • Introduction  {brief description of the requirements of the coursework}
  • Body {main part of the report, see Report requirement section. }
  • Conclusion { see Report requirement section}
  • References (Bibliography)  {demonstration of your referencing skills}

The length of report is about 2600 words.

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