LO1: Identify and critically examine a range of contemporary responsible issues in management from a variety of theoretical and practical perspectives.

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Contemporary Issues in Management

The  lecture

Corporate Political Activities and Non-Market Strategies of Firms

Managing Sustainable Global Supply Chains.

Precarity in the Workplace

Resilience and Wellbeing



New technologies and business models

The rise of digital platforms and the ownership of data

Gender equality and diversity

For this  assignment,  you  are  asked  to  critically  analyse  how  ONE  specific  company  is  addressing TWO of the contemporary issues facing organisations.

This assignment requires that you undertake independent research to examine:

1. How do your TWO selected issues affect your selected company?

2. How is your selected company responding to your selected two issues?

3. How  are  commentators  (media  and  other  stakeholders)  interpreting  and  evaluating  your selected company’s response?

4. What  recommendations  would  you  make  to  the  company  in  how  they  should  respond  to  the two issues in the future?

Step 1: Select ONE company from the list below or any you are familiar with

1-Facebook          6- Barclays        11- Hisense          16- Mitsubishi Corp

2- Amazon            7-Toyota             12-  Huawei         17- Sony

3- Lenovo              8-  Tencent        13- Apple            18- Yahoo!

4- Disney               9- Sainsbury’s     14- Tesco         19- BWW

5- Google              10-  MTN              15- Twitter         20-  NATWEST

Step 2: Select TWO issue areas

Step 3:STRUCTURE your coursework as follows

introduction: justify selection of your ONE company & TWO issue areas (250 words)

Critical examination of your first selected issue (1000 words)

Critical examination of your second selected issue (1000 words)

Conclusion: summary and key recommendations for your selected company (250 words)

Reference list (include only sources that you have cited in your coursework)

Appendices (only supplementary information should appear here)

Module Learning Outcomes:

In this assessment the following learning outcomes will be covered:

LO1: Identify and critically examine a range of contemporary responsible issues in management from a variety of theoretical and practical perspectives.

LO2: Demonstrate a range of relevant scholarship/research skills in acquiring, integrating, interpreting, synthesising, utilising and communicating information about the contemporary issues examined.

LO3: Summarise the major implications of the issues examined as they relate to their own lives and their careers in organisations, the theory and practice of managers and management, and the broader societal and environmental implications of the issues, both now and into the future.

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