1. Please analyse the environment of craft brewing in the US (and trends in this environment) (11%). How is Hopworks positioned in this environment?

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-  INTRODUCTION (150 words)

This should contain:

Set the scene: background information identify the key problems and issues. Formulate and include a thesis statement, summarizing the outcome of your analysis.

-  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (200 words)

This should contain:

Information about the current situation the firm is in

A description of the issues/opportunities the firm currently face Your answers to solve these curent issues/opportunities Conclusion of your answers

-     CASE STUDY QUESTIONS (2000 words)

Use figures, tables, and graphs (Compulsory, Not part of the words count)

1.  Please analyse the environment of craft brewing in the US (and trends in this environment) (11%). How is Hopworks positioned in this environment? (11%)

2.  Please perform an internal analysis on Hopworks’ resources and capabilities (22%)
(Advices: Outline the various pieces of the case study. Evaluate them by discussing what is working and what is not working. State why these parts of the case study are or are not working well, Who is responsible for them, How do they impact the organization etc.)
Inside-out vs. Outside-in view PESTLE analysis / Industry analysis VRIN/VRIO analysis,
Porter`s Competitive Strategies Five forces / Blue Ocean Strategy RBV/Core Competencies
SWOT Analysis
3.Please critically evaluate Hopworks current strategy on economic and social sustainability. What challenges/opportunities does the company face? (22%)
4.  What would you advise Christian Ettinger in relation to the firm’s future strategy to sustain his business and manage sustainability? (22%)
(Advices: Provide specific and realistic solution(s) or changes needed. Explain why this solution was chosen, What should be done and who should do it, Discuss specific strategies for accomplishing the proposed solution, Consider strong supporting evidence, pros, and cons. Is this solution realistic? etc.)

Partnership and Alliances

Mergers and Acquisitions - Motivations and risks, Success and failure Corporate Governance and Ethics

Good corporate governance and Leadership Corporate Social

Responsibility (CSR) Perspective on CSR/Sustainability

Creating Shared Value (CSV)

Environmental/social performance vs. economic performance Creating Shared Value (CSV)

Short-term vs. Long-term

CONCLUSION (150 words)

References: APA, 6 sources minimum.

Some notes:

In your analyses, please work first and foremost with the information available in the case. Please answer all questions referring to the information and time periods featured in the case. 

Please spend equal amount of effort on each question, as their analyses are equally weighted (see the marking rubric for more information).

Please note that you are also being evaluated on your overall written communication (6%), your executive summary (2%), and your short introduction and conclusion (4%).

Here is the link to the video in the case, worth watching (reference 49):


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