Define the essential components of effective communication

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Level 3 Assignment Guide 2021/2022

Business Communication

1. Introduction

The Assignment Guide should be used in conjunction with the Assignment Brief as its purpose is to provide guidance as to how best to respond to the requirements of the assignment brief. It also gives an indication of what the marker will be looking for in the piece of work.

All four learning outcomes are addressed within the tasks of the assignment:

1) Define the essential components of effective communication;

2) Prepare an evidence-based presentation on a topic agreed in class;

3) Defend your presentation in a question and answer session;

4) Reflect on any feedback and how you could improve your next presentation.

To succeed in the module you must satisfy all learning outcomes, which in turn means addressing each part of the assignment brief – missing something out will impact your grade negatively

2. Presentation Task Guidance

2.1. Task One – Selecting contemporary Challenges or Issues faced by business

Choose one of the following topics and prepare your presentation:

  • Communicating during a global pandemic and the potential issues.
  • Communicating with employees about significant company changes.
  • Negotiating an international and cross-cultural IT business deal.
  • Complaining as a group of employees about a policy or procedure

a) Ensure your presentation must have research (in-text citations on slides and speaker notes) on the topic and have considered the components of effective communication throughout. Define the essential components of effective communication

b) The following order of slides must be applied:

Slide 1: Introduction

Introduce the topic and yourself

Slide 2: Details background of the chosen topic

A detailed explanation of the problem/ challenge/ issue (What/When/How/Why, etc.)

Slide 3: Link to theories

What the literature are saying about your chosen problem/ challenge/ issue

Slide 4: Example solutions to the issue from real companies How companies are dealing with the issue in the real world

Slide 5: Your own solution to the issue

Slide 6: Q & A

c) Timing of Presentation:

  • 5 minutes slide presentation
  • 5 minutes Q & A from Audience

d) During your presentation, the lecturer will complete a Feedback form and give you a copy. You need to use this feedback for Reflection as per the guidance mention in task 2, section 2.2: Define the essential components of effective communication

e) Approximate Word Count: 900

2.2. Task Two Reflect on your Presentation Feedback and highlight how you can improve next presentation.

a) Add 3 slides with notes to the end of your presentation S 1- What went well in presentation and why S 2- What improvements need to be made according to the Feedback S 3- What actions will you take to make suggested improvements.

b) Approximate Word Count: 600

So, you are required to prepare 9 slides for the final submission (6 for Live Presentation and 3 for Reflection).

Word Document

Order of Final Submission

Page 1 Front/Cover Page

  • Module Name
  • Student Number

Page 2 Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Details background of the chosen topic
  3. Link to theories
  4. Example solutions to the issue from real companies
  5. Your own solution to the issue
  6. Reflection
  7. References
  8. Image of Feedback

Page 3: Slide 1 and notes underneath Page 4: Slide 2 and notes underneath Page 5: Slide 3 and notes underneath Page 6: Slide 4 and notes underneath Page 7: Slide 5 and notes underneath Page 8: Slide 6 (Q&A)

Page 9: Slide 7 and notes underneath (reflection) Page 10: Slide 8 and notes underneath (reflection) Page 11: Slide 9 and notes underneath (reflection) Page 12: References

Page 13: Image of Feedback Form

3. Conclusion

This work, like all other pieces of work for Higher Education studies, requires you to base your thoughts, statements, and ideas on research.

Please remember to:

a) Ensure that each piece of information you use in your work comes from research – never your own thoughts.

b) That you follow the Harvard Reference System on the reference page and within your work.

c) That the writing style that you adopt is academic i.e. third person, uses appropriate specialist language, and has no conjunctions. However, for reflection part, you can use personal pronoun. 

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