1.1 Explain the key components of a facilities management strategy including its drivers, measures and objectives

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Unit FM4.02: Understanding facilities management strategy

The assessment criteria form part of the unit and specify the standard that a learner is expected to meet to demonstrate that the learning outcomes within the unit have been achieved. The additional guidance, which is shown in brackets and italics alongside the assessment criteria, does not technically form part of the unit, in that it is not included in the reference version of the unit shown by the Register of Regulated Qualifications. The additional guidance is provided to illustrate how the assessment criteria might be interpreted. The IWFM will generally expect assessors to interpret the assessment criteria as described, or to an equivalent level of demand.

Aim of the unit:

This unit enables learners to develop knowledge and understanding of the drivers, tools and principles involved in developing and monitoring facilities management strategies in relation to risk profiles and the overall business strategy.


Understanding facilities management strategy



Credit value:


Learning outcomes

A learner when awarded credit for this unit will:

Assessment criteria

Assessment of this learning outcome will require a learner to demonstrate that they can:

1. Understand how strategy is developed for organisations and their facilities management function

1.1 Explain the key components of a facilities management strategy including its drivers, measures and objectives (relating it to the business mission statement and including issues such as CSR, compliance, customer needs)

1.2 Explain the importance of the strategy to the facilities management function. (showing how it influences management decisions and relating it to matters such as ethics, behaviours and objective setting)

1.3 Explain the relationship between organisational and facilities management strategies (including influences from the organisational to the facilities management strategies, and vice versa)

2. Understand the impact of the organisational risk profile on the facilities management strategy

2.1 Describe risk profiles found in different organisations (using example/s from the learner’s own experience and/or case studies, and including different types of risk, such as legal compliance, financial, reputational and operational)


2.2 Explain the ways in which the risk profile influences the facilities management strategy (supporting the explanation using the same examples as for the previous assessment criterion, and showing how the risks were prioritised and addressed)

3. Understand how facilities management strategy is monitored

3.1 Explain the principles and tools of monitoring the facilities management strategy (including the use of KPIs, SLAs and other mechanisms such as balanced scorecards, customer feedback, benchmarking and RAG analysis, and role of different channels of communication)


3.2 Explain how the results of the monitoring inform changes to the current facilities management strategy (supporting the explanation with example/s from the learner’s own experience and/or case studies)

Unit expiry date

31 December 2024

Unit reference number


Link       to Standards




FM Professional Standards reference

FM functional area:

FM     functional      area component:

Strategy and Development


Facilities Management Strategy


1.1 Explain the key components of a facilities management strategy including its drivers, measures and objectives


Business Strategy: An Introduction by David Campbell, George Stonehouse, and Bill Houston Plus resources identified under Unit FM4.01

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