Epistemology & Ontology: explain your approach to knowledge and how you know something.

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Research Methods


Epistemology & Ontology: explain your approach to knowledge and how you know something.

Identify if you are more positivist or more interpretivist.

Remember you may not be one or the other, but a combination and somewhere on a spectrum from one to the other.

Consider how you would answer:

  • What kind of knowledge is valid to me?
  • How do I make sense of reality?
  • How do I create knowledge?


This is primarily a reflective essay, where you explain how you think and know. Therefore, use of personal pronouns is acceptable.

However as this is an academic module, academic protocols and formatting apply. I expect to see evidence of your reading with in-text citations and a reference list

Word count- 1000 -1200 words

Due Week 6 22nd October

Research Methods

Poster and one page

The poster content based on research methodology and you need to provide a description of the methodology in the text.

Read methodology journals to learn of innovative ideas and approaches to research, or base your poster on a research article on a specific approach to data collection, or on a way of doing research that appeals to you.

Summarise how the research was done, theories that informed the work and choices, process of data collection, and how the findings were analysed.

Do not explain research results, outcomes or recommendations- focus on the methodology, data collection and analysis.

Include the full reference to the article you summarise, also include your name and student number on the poster.
(Ronan Treanor Student No.; 11702575)

One page

Acts as a guide people through your poster. Gives a synopsis of your work and provide a framework for further questions or discussion.

Explain why you choose this particular research methodology, what appealed to you to this choice. This may because of innovation, shared epistemological understanding or it raise questions for you.

You will share your poster in small groups during the tutorial on Monday evening, Week 7. If you cannot attend, it will be recorded and you can watch back later.

However, all students are expected to submit a poster plus their one page talking points.

How to make poster

Use PowerPoint - use a blank slide and open the design tab.

Select slide size and custom size. Make width 91 cm, length 121 cm. This is approx A2 sized.

Insert text boxes, images, etc.

Use free images such as clip-art or copyright free images


  • write a title that is short and draws interest.
  • Limit the word count to 300 to 800 words max
  • ensure all text is clear and to the point.
  • Use of bullets, numbering, and headlines make it easy to read.
  • Make effective use of graphics, colour and font

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