UNIT 05: SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS PRACTICES - 1.1 Evaluate the global sustainability agenda and how it relates to national practice.

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Unit Reference Number


Unit Title

Unit 05: Sustainable Business Practices

Unit Level


Total Qualification Time (TQT)

200 Hours

Guided Learning Hours (GLH)

80 Hours

Number of Credits


Mandatory / Optional


Unit Grading Structure

Pass / Fail

Unit Aims

The aim of this unit is to raise learners’ awareness of sustainable development issues and how they impact on the strategic development of businesses. Learners will be expected to demonstrate their understanding of sustainability and its effect on business organisations.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria: Unit 05: Sustainable Business Practices


Learning Outcome – The learner will:

Assessment Criterion – The learner can:


Understand the global sustainability agenda.


Evaluate the global sustainability agenda and how it relates to national practice.


Analyse the forces for change in the sustainable business environment.


Evaluate the impact of current sustainability issues on businesses.


Understand the concept of the sustainable business organisation.


Determine the scope of the sustainable business organisation.


Evaluate the impact on business structure and objectives of becoming a sustainable business organisation.


Be able to review sustainable strategic business planning.


Analyse the concept of the triple bottom line and review how it is implemented in business organisations.


Determine change required within business organisations to meet a sustainability agenda.


Review the process of sustainable strategic business planning.

Indicative contents: Unit 05: Sustainable Business Practices



Course Coverage

Learning Outcomes 1 and 2

Forces of changes and current sustainability issues

·         Concept of sustainability and its importance, global sustainability issues, current issues e.g. climate change, social inequality, energy issues, ecological footprints, national responses to sustainability issues – legal frameworks, guidance to business and target setting

·         Economic, social/cultural/religious, environmental implications of change and analytical techniques to understand change

·         Social attitudes to sustainability in business, consumer interests, legal and regulatory framework around sustainable business, impact on profitability and other business objectives

Learning Outcomes 1, 2 and 3

The sustainable business organisation

·         How sustainability issues extend the boundaries of the enterprise, external factors e.g. suppliers, manufacturers, communities, government, international bodies etc.,

·         Changes in techniques and considerations e.g. supply chain management, consumers, risks and impacts for shareholders and managers, monitoring and evaluation of performance, conflicts between corporate and sustainability objectives

Learning Outcomes 2 and 3

Change management and the triple bottom line

·         Cultural change, role of Government – national and international, new management and leadership skills, new vision and strategic approach and managing changes required

·         Concept of triple bottom line, stakeholders v shareholders, managing the triple bottom line, measurement of triple bottom line, conflict between sustainability and business objectives

Learning Outcomes 1 and 3

Sustainable strategic planning

·         Identifying sustainable strategic objectives and financial return, negotiating agreement to sustainable objectives, resolving conflicts between sustainability and corporate needs and management of sustainable strategic planning

Assessment: Unit 05: Sustainable Business Practices
To achieve a ‘pass’ for this unit, learners must provide evidence to demonstrate that they have fulfilled all the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by all assessment criteria.


Learning Outcomes to be met

Assessment criteria covered

Assessment type

Word count

(approx. length)

All 1 to 3

All ACs under LO 1 to 3

Coursework – Business report

3500 words

Indicative Reading List

Johnson, G., Whittington, R. and Kevan, S. (2012) Fundamentals of Strategy. Harlow, Essex: Pearson


Konina, H. and Blewitt, J. (2015) Sustainable Business Practices. London: Taylor & Francis Ltd


Wells, G. (2013) Sustainable Business: Theory and Practice of Business Under Sustainability Principles. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing


Werbach, A. (2009) Strategy for Sustainability: A Business Manifesto. USA: Harvard Business Press

Unit 05: Sustainable Business Practices

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