UNIT 02: BUSINESS RESEARCH PROJECT - 1.1 Assess the factors that contribute to the process of research project selection

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Unit Reference Number


Unit Title

Unit 02: Business Research Project

Unit Level


Total Qualification Time (TQT)

200 Hours

Guided Learning Hours (GLH)

80 Hours

Number of Credits


Mandatory / Optional


Unit Grading Structure

Pass / Fail

Unit Aims

The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ research skills, including producing a research question and carrying out independent research using appropriate research techniques. Learners will also analyse research findings, evaluate the research methodology used and present their research findings.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria: Unit 02: Business Research Project

Learning Outcome – The learner will:

Assessment Criterion – The learner can:


Be able to propose a research project in a business and management context.


Assess the factors that contribute to the process of research project selection.


Formulate and record possible research project outlines and specifications.


Develop research questions or hypothesis with rationale.


Clarify resources efficiently for the research question or hypothesis.


Create an agreed SMART timeframe for completion of the research.


Be able to prepare a research plan and conduct a literature review.


Critically appraise literature relevant to the chosen research context.


Evaluate research methodologies and provide a rationale for a chosen research methodology.


Evaluate data collection methods and provide a rationale for chosen data collection methods.


Produce a research proposal.


Be able to carry out research according to the chosen research specification.


Carry out the proposed research investigation in accordance with the research specification.


Collect and present relevant data as outlined by the research specification.




Interpret and analyse the results in relation to the research specification.

Be able to evaluate research and present results and conclusion.


Use appropriate research evaluation techniques to justify the validity of the research.


Make recommendations, justifying areas for further consideration.


Present the outcomes of the research to an audience using appropriate media.

Indicative contents: Unit 02: Business Research Project


Course Coverage

Learning Outcomes 1 and 2

Research formulation, Action Plan and Design

·         Research aims and objectives; rationale for selection; methodology for data collection and analysis; literature review; critique of references from primary sources e.g. questionnaires, interviews; secondary sources e.g. books, journals, internet; scope and limitations; terms of reference; duration; ethical issues

·         Action plan: rationale for research question or hypothesis; milestones; task dates; review dates; monitoring/reviewing process; strategy

·         Research design: type of research e.g. qualitative, quantitative, systematic, original; methodology; resources; statistical analyses; validity; reliability; control of variables

Learning Outcomes 2 and 3

Data collection, analysis and interpretation

·         Research design and method; test research hypotheses; considering test validity; reliability

·         Data collection: selection of appropriate tools for data collection; types e.g. qualitative, quantitative; systematic recording; methodological problems e.g. bias, variables and control of variables, validity and reliability

·         Data analysis and interpretation: qualitative and quantitative data analysis; statistical tables; comparison of variable; trends; forecasting

Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4

Evaluation and future considerations

·         Evaluation of outcomes: an overview of the success or failure of the research project

·         Future consideration: significance of research investigation; application of research results; implications; limitations of the investigation; improvements; recommendations for the future, areas for future research

·         Presenting research outcome: delivery format appropriate to the audience; use of appropriate media

To achieve a ‘pass’ for this unit, learners must provide evidence to demonstrate that they have fulfilled all the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by all assessment criteria.

Learning Outcomes to be met

Assessment criteria covered

Assessment type

Word count

(approx. length)

All 1 to 4

All ACs under LO 1 to 4


3500 words

Indicative Reading List: Unit 02: Business Research Project

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Unit 02: Business Research Project

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