TMA 01 is based on Chapter 1 from the module materials (Canning and Goodliff, 2017) and asks you to consider the perspectives of different disciplines on play

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Essay grid for TMA 01

TMA 01 is based on Chapter 1 from the module materials (Canning and Goodliff, 2017) and asks you to consider the perspectives of different disciplines on play (1000 words).

Top tip: The main perspective on E110 is the socio-cultural perspective. Make sure you have a good working knowledge of this in TMA 01 and take this forward to and develop your understanding of this perspective in TMAs 02–­05.

You can add to this document in order to outline more detailed essay notes, plans and references. You can then follow your plan when writing your assignment.

Organising your ideas and understanding

Part 1

Play I have noticed (100 words)

This doesn’t have to be a formal observation of children. It is something you have noticed about children’s play; however, it is important to outline the context so include:

  • Location – in a park, in the house …
  • The number of children taking part
  • The age of the children
  • How many adults are there and if they are actively engaged with the play.

If you are really stuck in finding an example of play you have noticed, please use the video in the online activities of the children playing with the large pipe (activity 1.2).

The perspectives of different disciplines on play (300 words)

Can you identify anything in your example that might be explained by a particular perspective of play?

Read the descriptions of the perspectives first to see if they ‘fit’ with the play you have noticed. If they do, use that perspective in this section. You have a limited amount of words so only choose 1 or 2 perspectives that fit.

Reflection (300 words)

In what ways has reading about different perspectives on play made you realise that children are doing more than ‘just playing’?

How has your view on play been challenged?

By reading Chapter 1 you should have an opinion about play and creativity. The first question focuses on the perspectives in the table on page 16.

In the second question consider what has surprised you or made you think differently?

Part 2

Learning something new (150 words)

Why is it important to know about different perspectives?

Choose one perspective to focus on that you didn’t know about before. You won’t have enough words to discuss more than one.

Think about seeing the same situation that you outlined in Part 1 from this different viewpoint or value base. How can this change what you think you know? Consider how you can be more open to different ideas and viewpoints. Why is taking different perspectives important to how you support young children’s play and creativity?

Extending your learning (150 words)

How has your reading of Chapter 1 developed your understanding of play and creativity?

This is a continuation of the section above. What has the chapter made you think about more broadly? It might be the way play and creativity are intertwined or that you didn’t realise play was quite so involved and complex. Try to convey your thoughts and insights in this section. Remember: you have a choice here. Make sure you choose something that is significant to you and that you haven’t mentioned previously in Chapter 1.

Things to remember in your first TMA – Self-assessment Checklist:

Content checklist

  1. Have I included and answered the question?
  2. Have I completed and answered each element of the TMA?
  3. Have I followed the guidance and done all that is required?
  4. Have I demonstrated the Learning Outcomes (LOs)?
  5. Are my points clear; does my writing make sense?
  6. Have I included examples to illustrate my discussion?
  7. Have I referred to the module materials?
  8. Do I repeat myself?
  9. Is it well organised, or do I need to move information around?
  10. Have I used subheadings to structure my work?
  11. Are my paragraphs organised into a collection of related sentences which develop the point made in the first sentence?
  12. Have I kept to the required word count and included it at the end of each section of the assignment?
  13. Have I used the key vocabulary from the module materials to demonstrate my understanding?
  14. Have I proofread my work?


Layout – please check that your essay meets the following requirements:

  • Arial or Times New Roman in 11 or 12-point font
  • 1.5 or double line spacing
  • Margins of 2.5 cm (1 inch)

In header mode put:

  • Your name
  • Personal identifier
  • Module code
  • Assignment number

To do this in Word click on ‘Insert’ along the top, click ‘Header’, choose 3 columns, and insert details. You will only need to do this once for the information to appear on all pages of your assignment. This has been modelled for you in this document.

In footer mode put:

  • Page number

To do this in word click on ‘Insert’ along the tip, click ‘Page Number’, choose ‘Bottom of Page’, click an option and it will automatically add in the page numbers onto your document, as modelled for you in this document.

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