a) Discuss the most appropriate process models including the general characteristics of the models chosen to develop the booking and research systems.

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7COM1024 Measures and Models in Software Engineering

– Coursework 1 Specification University of Dublin

This assessment comprises TWO tasks and is in two parts as stated below.

Part 1: Software Process Models

Dublin University has opened several fitness centres on site with a selection of facilities including a gym, swimming pool, squash court and services such as physiotherapy, massage, and coaching. The different fitness centres require a booking system which will allow each of the services and facilities to set up their own booking system appropriate to their specific needs. There are 5,000 members of staff at Dublin University. Staff and student wellbeing is becoming more important to the university particularly considering the recent pandemic.

The Computer Science department at the Dublin University has heard that the booking system is being developed and wants a system to manage its research projects and research teams. The system will need to store information about each project and each research team associated with a given project. The system will also need to store information about staffing, the hours spent working on a project, funding, and expenses. The department at some stage will be required to provide reports to different agencies. However, it is not possible to predict the type of report that an agency may request. In fact, the department does not know the type of data which will be needed to produce the report.

In no more than 1,500 words (excluding references) complete task 1a and task 1b: - 7COM1024 Measures and Models in Software Engineering

Task 1

a) Discuss the most appropriate process models including the general characteristics of the models chosen to develop the booking and research systems. Provide fully justified rationale for your choice of process models and the claimed advantages, and disadvantages of the chosen process models with reference to the case study provided above. [50 marks]

b) Compare and Contrast your chosen models with one other that you studied on the module which is not suitable for the above case study. Provide a rational for this choice and discuss why this is not suitable. Use examples from the case study above to support your discussion [20 marks]

You are required to include an in-depth discussion using your own words and provide a breadth of references to support your arguments using the Harvard Referencing System. At the very least 10 sources are expected. You are not permitted to use bullet points, lecture materials, diagrams, or graphics. No Appendices are permitted. Each page of the submission must be on one side of the A4 paper with a 2cm margin at the left and right and 2.5 cm margin at the top and bottom, and students’ registration number must appear at the bottom of each page along with the page number. [10 marks]

Part 2: Software Measurement and Metrics 

Task 2

One of the organisational goals for the University of Dublin is to seek advice from the software development team on how best to reduce the time to effect changes to program code.

Based on this, you are required to identify FOUR suitable Questions and associated Metrics. For each question, justify each Question and Metric. [20 marks]

7COM1024 Measures and Models in Software Engineering

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