A critical analysis of Coaching and Mentoring theory and practice within the police environment

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POLI 6501 Coaching & Mentoring summary of module

This document is a summary of the key themes and topics covered in the module.  You can use it as a template for your assignment planning. Use it as a springboard for further reading and research.  The assignment question is reprinted at the end with some specific guidance.

Key themes and topics


  • What is leadership?  What is the difference between leadership & management?
  • How can policing meet the leadership challenges ahead?    http://www.police-foundation.org.uk/uploads/catalogerfiles/police-leadership-roundtable-2/leadership_roundtable.pdf A critical analysis of Coaching and Mentoring theory and practice within the police environment
  • PEEL: Police leadership 2017 A national overview.  A snapshot of police leadership https://www.justiceinspectorates.gov.uk/hmicfrs/wp-content/uploads/peel-police-leadership-2017.pdf
  • What are the trends over time in leadership styles in the police service: moving away from autocracy to consultative and cooperative. 
  • What makes great police leadership? https://whatworks.college.police.uk/Research/Documents/Great_Police_Leader_REA.pdf
  • Are inspirational leaders a good thing? Leaders with the “larger than life” personalities or leaders who go back to the front line to show they are in touch and ‘still have it.’ 
  • Examine police culture: what do these police colloquialisms: ‘9 o’clock jury’, ‘shiny arses’ ‘desk jockeys’ tell us about perceptions of leadership in the police?
  • Do police leaders need to be sworn officers? What about direct entry at inspector or superintendent level?
  • What are the 4 dimensions of police leadership: individual, operational, senior and organizational.  Plus strategic at senior ranks. Are these used in other occupations?
  • Are all police ranks leaders?  How is this recognized, if at all?
  • What are the methods & strategies for developing leadership in the police service?
  • Police command tactics - Gold – Silver – Bronze.  Major incidents / critical incidents – case studies.

Coaching & mentoring

Feedback & developing others

Further reading

  • Available online: Police Leadership Changing Landscapes     Ramshaw, P., Silvestri, M. and Simpson, M. (2019) Police Leadership  Changing Landscapes. 1st ed. 2019. Cham: Springer International Publishing. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-21469-2.
  • Fleming, J. (2015) Police leadership: rising to the top. First edition. Oxford: OUP; Rogers, C. (2008) Leadership skills in policing. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Assignment question:

This module will be assessed by way of student portfolio comprising two parts:

Part one: A critical analysis of Coaching and Mentoring theory and practice within the police environment (3000 words)

Include: Relevant theory, models, research and best practice guidelines in relation to coaching and mentoring within the work place.

Reference to specific police practices and applications

Support and guidance:  A critical analysis means an open-minded skeptical examination of the issues. What models work well and less so? Where has the police service succeeded in this field and not been good enough? 

Coaching & mentoring theory & practice simply means all the models and concepts covered in the module like ACHIEVE or the ELC. This document gives you a good starting list to work from.

Higher marks will be gained by showing a range of reading of recognized academic texts and research and linking them to the police service.

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