LO1 Describe the construction industry with reference to company structures and other activities

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Assignment Brief – BTEC

Higher National Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment / Civil Engineering

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Unit 4: Construction Practice & Management

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1/2: Construction industry structure and tendering process

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The submission comprises a Report (1500 words). Moodle links would be created for submission via ‘turnitin’ but you can still email your final draft to your tutor as backup. You are encouraged to make use of images, drawings, tables etc. and other research material to buttress your points.

There should be a list of references showing the materials/ resources that you have cited within your work. This is to be presented using the Harvard system of referencing.

Unit Learning Outcomes:

LO1 Describe the construction industry with reference to company structures and other activities.

LO2 Explain different types of construction companies within the market and their relationships within the tendering process


Assignment Brief and Guidance:

In your current place of work (construction industry) [Please pick a construction industry that you are familiar with if you are not currently in employment], your line manager has asked you to prepare a report that would be included in an induction pack given to new employees during an induction programme organised by your company.

In the first section of your report, you are to explain how your company has developed and encompassed professionalism within its structure; demonstrate how the different parties of your companies are linked in an organisational chart (organogram) and evaluate how your company has developed its business/company ethos and structure. This will lead to an analysis of how your company has developed overall based on the company structure, employees and the type of work the company does; including the types of works that contractors tender to your organisation.

[You may want to refer to the organisation you work for or are familiar with as

“Company X” within this report]

The second part of the report should identify the different types of construction companies in the market and explain their relationship with each other. You are to further analyse how factors such as contracts and tendering connects these different construction companies and compare the main factors that influence the contract relationships between organisations involved in tendering.


Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria




LO1 Describe the construction industry with reference to company structures and other activities

D1 Critically evaluate how construction companies have developed their structure and business ethos.

P1 Explain how the construction industry has developed and encompassed professionalism within its structures.

M1 Analyse how the construction industry has developed overall in terms of company structures, it’s employees and contracted work.

P2 Demonstrate the scope and linkage between all parties within a construction


P3 Identify the type of contractual work tendered by contractors

LO2 Explain different types of construction companies within the market and their relationships within the tendering process

D2 Compare the factors that influence contract relationships between different organisations involved in tendering.

P4 Identify the different types of construction companies in the market.

M2 Analyse the relationships between construction companies through contracts and tendering.

P5 Explain the relationship between different construction organisations


Recommended Texts:

GRIFFITH, A. and WATSON, P. (2003) Construction Management: Principles and Practice. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.

HARRIS, F. and MCCAFFER, R. (2013) Modern Construction Management. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.

KYMMELL, W. (2007) Building Information Modelling: Planning and Managing Construction Projects. New York: McGraw Hill Professional.

OTTOSSON, H. (2012) Practical Project Management for Building and Construction. Boca Raton: CRC Press.

www.ciob.org.uk -      Chartered Institute of Building (General Reference) www.rics.org - Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (General Reference)

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LO1 Describe the construction industry with reference to company structures and other activities.

Introduction to the Construction Industry and Company Structures

Understanding the Construction Industry

The construction industry is a vital sector encompassing various activities involved in the creation, modification, and maintenance of physical structures and infrastructure. It encompasses a wide array of projects, ranging from residential buildings to complex infrastructure developments like bridges and highways.

Company Structures in the Construction Industry

In our company, professionalism is deeply ingrained in our organizational structure and operations. We have developed a robust framework that fosters professionalism at every level, ensuring adherence to industry standards, safety regulations, and ethical practices.

Organizational Chart (Organogram)

Our company`s organizational chart delineates the hierarchical structure and interconnections among different departments and roles. At the top level, we have:

  • Executive Management: Responsible for strategic decision-making and overall direction of the company.

  • Project Management: Overseeing project execution, ensuring timely completion, and adherence to quality standards.

  • Engineering and Design Teams: Responsible for conceptualizing designs, engineering solutions, and technical drawings.

  • Procurement and Supply Chain: Managing the sourcing of materials, equipment, and subcontractors necessary for project execution.

  • Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE): Ensuring compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations, fostering a culture of safety across all projects.

  • Human Resources: Responsible for recruitment, training, and development of employees, ensuring a skilled and motivated workforce.

  • Finance and Administration: Managing financial resources, budgeting, accounting, and administrative functions.

  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC): Monitoring and ensuring the quality of workmanship and materials used in construction projects.

Business/Company Ethos and Structure

Our company`s ethos is centered around integrity, professionalism, innovation, and excellence. We strive to deliver exceptional results while prioritizing safety, sustainability, and client satisfaction. This ethos is reflected in our organizational structure, policies, and practices, which are designed to uphold the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Analysis of Company Development

Company Structure and Employees

Our company`s hierarchical structure facilitates clear communication, efficient decision-making, and accountability. Employees are empowered to take ownership of their roles and contribute to the overall success of the organization. Regular training and development programs are conducted to enhance employee skills and knowledge, ensuring competence and proficiency across all levels.

Types of Work and Contractors

Our company undertakes a diverse range of projects, including:

  • Residential Construction: Building homes, apartments, and condominiums.

  • Commercial Construction: Constructing office buildings, retail spaces, and hospitality establishments.

  • Infrastructure Projects: Developing roads, bridges, airports, and other public infrastructure.

  • Industrial Projects: Constructing factories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

We collaborate with various contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers who specialize in different aspects of construction, such as civil works, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP), and architectural finishes. Our rigorous prequalification process ensures that we engage competent and reliable partners who share our commitment to quality, safety, and professionalism.

Our company has evolved and thrived in the construction industry by fostering a culture of professionalism, integrity, and excellence. Our robust organizational structure, skilled workforce, and diverse portfolio of projects position us as a leader in the industry, capable of delivering outstanding results for our clients and stakeholders.

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