Define 4th Industrial Revolution and discuss its increasing role in an organization using business examples

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Module Code: 5BDIN001W

Module Title: Operations & Digital Business

Module Leader:                                            

Release Time:

Instructions to Candidates:

Please read the instructions below before starting the paper

  • Module specific information is provided below by the Module Leader
  • The Module Leader will be available in the first hour of timed release to respond to any queries via a discussion board on blackboard

  • As you will have access to resources to complete your assessment any content you use from external source materials will need to be referenced correctly. Whenever you directly quote, paraphrase, or summarise someone else’s ideas, you have a responsibility to give due credit to that person for their work. Define 4th Industrial Revolution and discuss its increasing role in an organization using business examples Support can be found at

  • This is an individual piece of work so do not collude with others on your answers as this is an academic offence.
  • Plagiarism detection software will be in use
  • Once completed please submit your paper via the submission link provided.  You can only submit ONCE. If, in cases of technical difficulties, you submit more than once the second document uploaded will be accepted and marked as your final submission.
  • Work submitted after the deadline will not be marked and will automatically be given a mark of zero

Module Specific Information

This is a time constrained assessment.

Answer all four (4) questions

Please use suitable examples, concepts and academic sources, ensuring they are correctly referenced in the text of your answer (e.g. (Barnes 2018)). Reference list in end is obligatory. Graphs and figures could be used to illustrate and further explain arguments.

The combined maximum word count for this paper is 1600 words. The suggested word count of 400 words for each question serves as guidelines.

Format: Single Spaced Arial 12 point Font size

All questions within are related to theories/models and case studies that you were advised to research in advance of the assessment. The combined maximum word count for these questions should be 1600 words

Question 1

Define 4th Industrial Revolution and discuss its increasing role in an organization using business examples (10 marks)

Identify and analyse potential challenges that may incur from such a shift towards digital technologies and innovations. (15 marks) (Total 25 Marks) 

Question 2

Draw upon the principles of operations and supply chain management of an organization to align their corporate strategy with their operational capability in the 4th Industrial Revolution and discuss advantages and limitations from such alignment using examples from any sector/industry (Total 25 Marks) 

Question 3

Using relevant models/frameworks and examples from the manufacturing or service sectors discuss how Lean strategy can enhance a business’s overall performance and adopt a more sustainable competitive profile. (20 marks)

Make recommendations for future trends (5 marks) (Total 25 Marks) 

Question 4

“Internet trade platforms such as Amazon have changed the way we purchase goods and enable the ‘online’ buying of a vast range of products”.

Based on the above statement discuss the types of service process technology that can be used to process information and customers to ensure performance objectives within the process are met to a high standard. (10 marks)

What are the challenges for an organization in implementing IT systems and what are your recommendations? Use examples of how these apply within Amazon (15 marks) (Total 25 Marks)

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