Compare the role of experiential learning and theoretical learning in nursing knowledge development

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Work-based Learning and Types of Nursing Knowledge

Exercise 3 introduction
We suggest you start this section no later than the 15th of November
and submit your work by the 13th of December.
This work is worth 5% of the overall marks
The aim of Exercise 3 is to facilitate you to link understandings from the previous two exercises of this module with the broader concepts of knowledge development in nursing and to develop the ability to connect previous learning with work-based learning, and be able ton differentiate between theoretical learning and experiential learning.
The students at the end of the exercise will be able to:
1) Explain the key concepts of work-based learning
2) Compare the role of experiential learning and theoretical learning in nursing knowledge development
3) Differentiate between knowledge development processes in academic settings and in practice-based settings  
4) Create links between learning processes and types of knowing in nursing

You will have the opportunity to explain the key issues relating to work-based learning. You will be supported in comparing the various learning processes available for developing knowledge and you will be facilitated in distinguishing between learning in the University and
learning in practice setting. This will enable you to integrate previous knowledge with the current literature on patterns of knowing in nursing and to create links between activities of preceding exercises from this module with the overall aims of the current module. The assessment for exercise three involves adding to the discussion
area again.

What areas of work-based learning do you feel are important in terms
of patient safety and the role of the nurse.
150 words

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