An explanation of the difference between emotions and feelings using examples to highlight the differences.

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Preparing a written assignment

You are required to produce an assignment plan that will support you to complete QUESTION 3 ONLY of the unit 4 assignment.

Your assignment plan needs to be as structured and detailed as possible and you are advised to use the timetable approach to assignment planning for this task.


Using the timetable approach to assignment planning, you should firstly list all of the stages that you are going to need to complete for QUESTION 3 ONLY of the unit 4 assignment, from reading the assignment brief to producing a first draft, through to producing your final draft and submitting it for marking.

You then need to allocate each of the stages a suitable time frame for completion. The submission date for the essay is the deadline in your ILP and the start date is today. Ensure that you use actual dates within your assignment plan and not ‘week 1’, ‘week 2’ etc.

Once you have done this, you should enter all of the stages and their allocated time frame for completion into a timetable. For additional guidance, refer to the section about the timetable approach to assignment planning which is included in the study materials for this unit.

You must review question 3 of the unit 4 assignment brief and the relevant topics included in this part of the brief. These topics must be added to your assignment plan so that you know what you need to be reading/researching and when.

Where you include writing the first draft in your assignment plan, you need to break this down into the different sections/paragraphs that you will need to write for the essay following the recommended format in the study materials for the ‘Academic Writing Skills’ unit.

Each section/paragraph of the essay should be given an indicative number of words in your assignment plan. Remember to check the maximum number of words you are permitted for question 3 of the unit 4 assignment.

You can then review your timetable to ensure that your time scales are realistic and that you are going to be able to submit your assignment by the set deadline.

The timetable approach to assignment planning should include:

• An outline of the content, format, structure, and layout, including relevant word counts

• Deadline for the production of the first draft

• Allocated time for proofreading and amending

• Deadline for the production of the final draft

• Allocated time for final checking

• The submission date.

This task aims to support the development of assignment planning skills.

Use MS Word or Excel (or similar) to produce your assignment plan. You must then upload this document to your assignment. DO NOT copy and paste your assignment plan into the text box for this question as all formatting will be lost. It is recommended to also upload a pdf version of your assignment plan prior to submitting it for marking.


Hubert is the main carer for his wife who has Multiple Sclerosis. He works full time in a local garage and also looks after their two children. The eldest child is in the final year of GCSEs and their youngest child has recently started secondary school. Hubert is a positive person but sometimes finds it difficult to cope. Recently, he has become impatient with his children and rude towards customers at work.

You need to write an essay that includes the following:

• An explanation of the difference between emotions and feelings using examples to highlight the differences.

• A discussion about the positive and negative responses Hubert may have to his situation in relation to his feelings and emotions.

• An explanation of two different strategies that Hubert could use to manage his emotions and feelings better.

• An analysis of the psychological and physiological impact of stress on Hubert’s mental health and wellbeing.

In order to advise Hubert about methods and strategies that he could use to manage and maintain his mental wellbeing, you need to evaluate the following:

• Mindfulness

• Exercise

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

You also need to analyse the following in relation to supporting mental health and how these types of support could be of benefit to him:

• Friends and family

• A local service to your location provided by the NHS



The essay should be written in paragraphs which flow; it is therefore recommended that you plan your essay before you start to write it.

Review the definitions of assessment verbs in the unit 2 study materials, in particular ‘evaluate’ and ‘analyse’.

Remember to consider areas such as cost, time available, and waiting lists when advising Hubert about methods, strategies and support that is available to him.

Relevant theory must be referenced where appropriate and a references list provided at the end of the essay. 

An explanation of the difference between emotions and feelings using examples to highlight the differences.

The essay should be a maximum of 1250 words in length.

This word limit is the absolute maximum you are permitted. If you are over the word limit for this assignment in any way you will receive your assignment back without further comment or feedback.

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