Understand and justify how organizations secure and deploy their resources both in a traditional and digital environment according to their capability and capacity

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Operations and Digital Business A1 Portfolio Assessment 

2020-21 Semester 1




This assessment MUST be undertaken as an individual piece of work

Learning outcomes addressed

Understand and justify how organizations secure and deploy their resources both in a traditional and digital environment according to their capability and capacity

Understand and evaluate and use business data analysis to provide a range of solutions for a business problem

Use all appropriate information and internet-based technologies available effectively within a professional context

Understand how organisations use technologies to communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Analyse a business situation and provide a number of possible suitable solutions.

Communicate effectively in an appropriate medium and style with regard to audience and desired emotional effect

Report Brief

The portfolio assessment will examine the body of knowledge derived from a range of learning outcomes covered in the module and allows students to undertake research and investigations and make conclusions on business cases. 

Portfolio contents include 3 ITEMS WHICH ARE:
(1) a simulation game score relating to an operation’s business performance for Module 1 and Module 2 (3 attempts required for each module and 3 screenshots in total provided);
(2) ~600 written words considering the fundamentals of operations management in an applied context drawn from module 1 of the game;
(3) and a further ~600 written words considering a specific applied operational practice as related to a set of critical questions drawn from module 2 of the game.

Note that the result of the game will not be used to determine your mark for Assessment 1; it is pertinent though that the outcome is used to show that you have learned theoretical and practical perspectives of operations management from the simulation experience. Failure to produce the 3 screenshots will result in 15 marks deduction

The Portfolio Assessment should include the topic areas covered in the first 5 weeks of the semester showing your knowledge and understanding of:

  • The current functional purpose of operations management
  • Supply chain management
  • One screenshot with a report of your attempts (3 attempts per module)
  • One Screenshot with the financial history for module 1
  • One Screenshot with the financial history for module 2 (PowerPoint slides on Blackboard for more details and guidance)
  • 2.1 IntroductionIdentify & Discuss operations management and its purpose in the manufacturing context as seen also in the simulation game
  • 2.2 Operations in practice - Apply theories of operations management in the context of the factory and explain how these can enable reputation and organizational performance
  • 2.3 Operations performance – Evaluate the impact of your operational decisions in the manufacturing context and potential trade offs

In Section 1 you must provide three screenshots from the simulation game.

Section 2 Written personal reflection on operational business decisions made within the game. In section 2 (module 1 in the simulation game) you must present your work in three subsections which are as follows:

Section 3 (Undertaking supply chain management responsibilities). In section 3 (module 2 in the simulation game) you must present your responses to the tasks and questions based on the context of the factory environment within the game in two subsections which are as follows:

  • 3.1 - Supplier selection process – In the simulation game you are required to select suppliers from whom you will order the raw materials required for the manufacturing process; discuss the way the supplier selection is done and the importance of supplier relationships and trust.  Provide an applied example of the supplier selection as associated to two of the suppliers within the simulated environment.  Explain and reflect on how the performance factors and the environmental challenges impact the company’s performance when considered individually as well as part of an operational strategic rationale. 
  • 3.2 - Delivery of finished goods to your customersExplain how the inventory management and the shipping department help manage the fulfilment of the contract and the implications of ‘inspecting quality’ at the final stage of production. Examine how you address the possible shortfall in quantity and quality of finished goods and how you can potentially prevent it by applying operations management principles in a sustainable way using relevant techniques. 

You need to demonstrate understanding of how organizations effectively manage
the range of operational functions and business in an evolving business context, as well ability to reflect on operations theory while making informed suggestions using theories and applied practices with the support of academic sources.

The report must include evaluation and reflection on the practical application of operations management theories and principles with reference to the simulation game (modules 1&2) and supported by findings from academic and practitioner literature. You must use reputable and recognised sources to conduct your research and avoid using obscure websites.

You are allowed multiple attempts at submission leading up to the deadline. You will be able to see your Turnitin similarity score after each attempt’s submission.

Report Organization

The length of the report is 1200 words– The limit excludes game score result reports, game support statement, title page, table of contents, diagrams, tables, figures, reference list and appendices.

You should write in clear, concise and correct English. Remember to Spell check, Grammar check and Proofread.  Do not put far too many points into one paragraph. Keep the points separate, at the very least by using a new paragraph for each point.

Format: PDF or Word document, page numbers, 1.5 line spacing, normal margins, Arial 12 point font

Document Name: Ops_Dig_Bus_A1_PORTFOLIO_SEM1

Assessment title: Operations Management & Supply Chain Management in Manufacturing

The report should have a suitable structure and may follow the recommended structure:

  • Title Page (state the title and the word count)
  • Disability Statement (if applicable)
  • Table of Contents (list of sections, tables, figures and appendix items)
  • Section 1 - Simulation Game Score Report and supporting statement (if needed)
  • Section 2 - Written personal reflection on operational business decisions made within the game 
  • Section 3 – Undertaking supply chain management responsibilities
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Appendices

Marking Scheme

This is an individual assignment and is worth 50% of the total marks available for this module. Each student must submit an electronic copy of their report to Blackboard. The marking scheme for the report:

Table 1 - Marking scheme

Please note that marking criteria should not be seen as the structure of the report nor expected headings of your report. You should view the marking criteria as a useful indicator about the level you need to achieve for your work. 

Note that textbook descriptions of methods, tools and techniques will not be given marks, although a brief description or outline of such techniques may be necessary.

Mitigating Circumstances

Students may use the formal Mitigating Circumstances procedures to justify the late submission or non-submission for valid reasons. Pease note that the Module Leader cannot grant any extensions. Any requests should be made to the Mitigating Circumstances Board and supported by appropriate evidence. For more information on this please contact the WBS Registry.

Anonymous Marking

Although in most cases summative assessments are marked anonymously, this one is exempt from that policy. Therefore, you can use your name and ID in the cover page.


When writing a report, you will need to support your arguments by referring to published work such as books, journal or newspaper articles, government reports, dissertations and theses, and material from the Internet. All work must be fully referenced and follow the correct referencing style guide. You must include at least 8 references in the report.

It is expected that you use the Westminster Harvard Referencing style within this work. You may want to consult the referencing style guide at Referencing your Work.

Academic Offences

Academic offences, including plagiarism are treated very seriously. Plagiarism must be avoided at all costs and students who break rules, however innocently, will be penalised. All submitted work is passed through ‘Turnitin’ system to determine the originality score.

It is your responsibility as a student to make sure that you understand what constitutes an academic offence, what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. Consult the Handbook of Academic Regulations for more information.

Report Feedback

Report feedback will be available on Week 10. Electronic feedback sheet will appear on blackboard. Further feedback can be given individually when necessary. All marks are classed as provisional until approved by the final Examination Board. 


It is a requirement that you submit your work in this way.   All coursework must be submitted by 1.00 p.m. (13.00) UK time on the due date.

If you submit your coursework late but within 24 hours or one working day of the specified deadline, 10% of the overall marks available for that element of assessment will be deducted, as a penalty for late submission, except for work which is marked in the range 40 – 49%, in which case the mark will be capped at the pass mark (40%).

If you submit your coursework more than 24 hours or more than one working day after the specified deadline you will be given a mark of zero for the work in question.

The University’s mitigating circumstances procedures relating to the non-submission or late submission of coursework apply to all coursework.

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