Unit 6 Support Positive Behaviour in Children and Young People

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Unit 6 - Support Positive Behaviour in Children and Young People

The behaviour of an individual is the reflection of his personality. Behaviour has a crucial role in the life of humans. We can easily get an idea about the social and psychological consequences of individuals through their behaviour patterns. Human behaviour has a diversity of actions that shows their feelings and emotions related to specific things and people. Moreover, the behavioural practices, later on, become the personality trait of an individual.

As the human grows, his behaviour also grows like an organ or part of his body. Parents and teachers pay conscious attention to the behaviour of their children. A child is like a tree, what you will feed them, the same would you get in return. The reflected patterns of children are very innocent and clear. For example, sometimes a well-behaved child show misbehaves in from of others. Some scenarios can be the reason for his behaviour change. He might have seen someone behave like this because children have a great quality to imitate. Whenever they learn a new thing they get excited and try to imitate it, and then practice it in another situation.

But the case is different with young people they behave differently in response to other’s behaviour. According to the psychological definition, behaviour refers to the activity that is in the response of interaction of an individual’s environment, which simply indicates exposure. The exposure that we give to children and young people, responds to us in the same way.  Supporting positive behaviour in children and young people will result in a good environment and a strain-free society. The course unit Support positive behaviour in children and young people provides an overview of the techniques that aid in supporting optimistic behaviour.

Main goals of the Unit 6 Support Positive Behaviour in Children and Young People

This unit aims to generate good behaviour among young people and children. In addition, this unit provides the skills, understanding and knowledge of positive behaviour in children and young people. Some policies demonstrate ways to generate positive behaviour. For instance, there are some situations in which we have to deal with the challenging behaviour of others and sometimes we have situations that make us feel bad but cope with the feelings and behave well as the real task.  

How the procedures and policies can support the setting of children and young people to make them feel safe?

Among many of the reasons for bad behaviour feeling insecure is one of them. Children and young people would behave positively if they have a feeling of security. There are some procedures and policies that are closed to generate criteria for promoting constructive behaviour. The institution should apply interventions that assure its members feel safe. The feeling of insecurity generates chaos that affects the behavioural patterns of children and young people.

Policy of behaviour

The prime goal of behaviour policy is to provoke the set of instructions that make the staff of an institution behave well. These policies can be designed by an institution that supports the good behaviour of its member. These institutions also provide some presents to the members who behave well. These policies and procedures are implacable for both children and young people. To promote policies to support positive behaviour, young people have a responsible role. 

  • They should the set of instructions for good behaviour that the children have to follow
  • They also follow these instructions of behaving well, as children learn by imitation
  • Try to reward them for behaving well
  • Institutions should offer some benefits or awards that encourage them to behave well
  • Try to promote the habit of self-discipline among children and young people
  • Provide proper exposure to the children and young people so that they can follow the behavioural policies  

Unit 6 - Support Positive Behaviour in Children and Young People Extensive Information

Some positive contributions can play a vital role to support positive behaviour between children and young people. Some of the optimistic contributions such as activities designed to generate a habit of being positive and helpful among others. Furthermore, the use of knowledgeable and motivational information with children and young people will help them to remain optimistic. A positive contribution has a great implementation over the rules that are grounded. Giving respect to the opinions of others is another contribution to supporting positive behaviour. In short, positive exposure can result in the setting of positive behaviour among young people and children.

Evaluate How Unit 6 Plays a Role in Developing Emotional and Social Skills.

Behaving as a positive person itself shows the healthy emotional and social development of an individual. Learning in group or group activities can generate a positive stance among young people and children. The institutions need to arrange the people in the form of groups randomly rather than make them together based on their similar traits. Try to design activities from the side of an institution that makes the people interact with each other that enhance their skills of socialisation.

How do the procedures and policies for support settings of children and young people recognise the limits and expectations?

To generate positive behaviour, children and young people need to comprehend the expectations and limits of their institution and other members. Some of the strategies and techniques are there that can generate positive exposure for supporting positive behaviour among children and young people. The communication limits should be clear and appropriate limit settings can be included in the exposure of positive behaviour. Moreover, the lectures and explanations that contain a rich material of various optimistic behaviours also encourage people to behave well.

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