Unit 06: Strategic Human Resource Management - 1.1 Illustrate key concepts and models governing Strategic Human Resource Management.

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Unit Reference Number


Unit Title

Unit 06: Strategic Human Resource Management

Unit Level


Total Qualification Time (TQT)

200 Hours

Guided Learning Hours (GLH)

80 Hours

Number of Credits


Mandatory / Optional


Unit Grading Structure

Pass / Fail

Unit Aims

The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of competing and contrasting perspectives of strategic HRM. The unit develops learners’ understanding of how HRM strategies and practices contribute to organisational and employee performance, and the problems and complexities of operationalising an HRM strategy within different types of organisation.


Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria: Unit 06: Strategic Human Resource Management


Learning Outcome – The learner will:

Assessment Criterion – The learner can:


Understand the role and importance of human resource management in achieving organisational effectiveness.


Illustrate key concepts and models governing Strategic Human Resource Management.


Evaluate the role and importance of Strategic Human Resource Management in organisations.


Analyse the frameworks of Strategic Human Resource Management.


Understand the formulation and implementation of human resource strategies.


Analyse the strategic human resource process.


Assess the approaches of Strategic Human Resource Management.


Analyse the development and implementation of human resource strategies.


Be able to critically analyse the use and application of a range of HR strategies designed to improve employee and organisational performance.


Evaluate appropriate human resource strategies for an organisation.


Assess human resource strategies and their application in an organisation.


Be able to critically evaluate various key perspectives within Strategic Human Resource Management.


Review current literature and perspectives on Strategic Human Resource Management.


Evaluate contemporary issues affecting Strategic Human Resource Management.

Indicative contents: Unit 06: Strategic Human Resource Management



Course Coverage

Learning Outcomes 1 and 2

The SHRM Framework

·         Definitions and models of strategic HR management (e.g. contingency model, best practice model, Harvard Framework, Ulrich’s model, control based, resources based etc.), fundamentals and characteristics of strategic HR management, types of strategies, approaches to strategy, criteria for successful strategy

·         Legal requirements, human capital management, improving organisational performance through strategic HR management, alignment of HR and corporate strategy

Learning Outcomes 2 and 3

Development and implementation of HR strategies

·         Setting strategic direction, Long term v short term, Audits, designing the management system, planning total workforce/demand forecasting, generating required human resource, developing people and performance, reward management systems, assessing organisational, competence, performance/development strategies

·         Strategic HR role of frontline management, conducting a strategic review, setting out the strategic HR plan, Implementing HR strategies

Learning Outcomes 2, 3 and 4

Types of HR strategies and their application

·         Organisational, development, transformation, culture management, knowledge management, developing trust and reward); talent management, succession planning; Resourcing strategies (HR planning, flexibility, retention and talent management etc.); Learning and development strategies (learning culture, learning, organisation, organisational learning strategies, individual learning), performance management (definition and purpose, scope, process and approaches)

·         Reward strategy (purpose, characteristics, structure, developing the strategy, effective strategies, impact on management)

·         Employee relations strategy (issues, background, HR approach, policies, partnership agreements, employee voice strategies

Learning Outcomes 1 and 4

Contemporary issues and perspectives on SHRM

·         Internationalism and challenges for strategic HR management, diversity management and equal opportunities, downsizing and its strategic implications, globalisation, culture/equality and diversity, work life balance


To achieve a ‘pass’ for this unit, learners must provide evidence to demonstrate that they have fulfilled all the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by all assessment criteria.


Learning Outcomes to be met

Assessment criteria covered

Assessment type

Word count

(approx. length)

All 1 to 4

All ACs under LO 1 to 4


3500 words


Indicative Reading list: Unit 06: Strategic Human Resource Management

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