5ICM Implementing Coaching and Mentoring

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5ICM Implementing Coaching and Mentoring

CIPD Assessment Activity

Title of unit/s

5ICM Implementing coaching and mentoring

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Assessment method

Slide-deck with supporting notes Briefing paper

Expiry date

September 2020

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the nature, purpose and benefits of coaching and mentoring in organisations.
  2. Understand the different ways coaching and mentoring can be implemented in organisations.
  3. Be able to support the implementation of coaching and/or mentoring programmes within an organisation.

Assessment Brief (All activities should be completed) 5ICM Implementing Coaching and Mentoring




You work in the HR and Learning Function at AZ Media Devices. You are the L&D Team Manager and have two part-time members of staff - an Administrator who deals with the administration of training activities and a Trainer who helps you run the in-house training. You, the Trainer and another colleague in the HR team are qualified coaches and mentors. AZ Media Devices has 300 employees based on one site. The Senior Management Team has agreed to fund a Coaching Strategy to help support planned changes in the organisation over the next two years. As part of this strategy, you are planning to provide an initial half-day event for the organisation’s line managers. This is to help them better understand coaching and mentoring – and to ‘break away’ from the idea of only sending staff on training courses to develop their skills and improve performance. Recent staff survey feedback has shown that there is low awareness of coaching and mentoring programmes among managers and a general lack of confidence in trying new approaches to L&D. Line managers are likely to need powerful arguments to help them appreciate the benefits that coaching and mentoring may bring. Understand the nature, purpose and benefits of coaching and mentoring in organisations. 5ICM Implementing Coaching and Mentoring


Activity 1 5ICM


Develop a slide deck, with supporting notes, for use at the event. This should explain the concepts of coaching and mentoring, promote the benefits of both these approaches and set out the role that line managers should play in implementing formal coaching and mentoring schemes. You need to:

  • Explain the terms of coaching and mentoring, their similarities and differences, their respective purposes and the key benefits for line managers and staff within the organisation.
  • Assess at least three different types of coaching and three different types of mentoring that can be implemented in organisations.
  • Evaluate the role of line managers in coaching and mentoring, highlighting any benefits and disadvantages to them taking on these roles 
  • Include three factors that need to be considered when implementing coaching in an organisation.


Note: There is no requirement to deliver the slide presentation.





Activity 2 - 5ICM Implementing Coaching and Mentoring

The response from line managers at the learning event at AZ Media Devices was reasonably positive and a small working group (you and two line managers) has been set up to consider the feasibility of implementing both coaching and mentoring at AZ Media Devices.

Prior to the first meeting of this working group, you have been asked to write a briefing paper which sets out your specific recommendations (suitably justified) for implementing coaching and mentoring at AZ. This should cover:

  • Coaching and mentoring roles at AZ – and how and how these might best be filled.
  • The suggested role of the HR and Learning function and how this fits in with the role of the line managers.
  • The policies and support systems that will be needed to underpin coaching and mentoring at AZ Media Devices.
  • How coachees and mentees will be allocated to coaches and mentors and how equal opportunities will be upheld in this.
  • Any particular barriers to implementing coaching and mentoring at AZ and how these will be addressed.
  • The contribution that you, as a qualified coach and mentor, will make to the implementation of the new coaching and mentoring culture. Understand the nature, purpose and benefits of coaching and mentoring in organisations.











Evidence to be produced/required

Activity 1: A slide deck with supporting notes of approximately 1300 words

Activity 2: A briefing paper of approximately 2600 words that directly relates to implementing coaching and mentoring in the case study organisation, AZ Media Devices.

You should relate academic concepts, theories and professional practice to the way organisations operate, in a critical and informed way, and with reference to key texts, articles and other publications and by using organisational examples for illustration.

All reference sources should be acknowledged correctly and a bibliography provided where appropriate (these should be excluded from the word count). Understand the nature, purpose and benefits of coaching and mentoring in organisations.

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