1. Describes the quantitative methodological paradigm, and its underpinning philosophical assumptions, strengths, and limitations.

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Assessment 2:  Quantitative Data Analysis

  • Due date: 9 th April 2022, at 23:30.
  • Length: 1,500 words (including graphs and tables).

Your task is to write a short research design and data analysis for a quantitative project.

This assessment mirrors the type of information that is presented in the ‘methods’ section of academic journal papers, government reports, management & business consultancy reports, and other documents which are based on research.

This assessment also mirrors that which you did for qualitative work, except this time there is statistics! There is a template on Moodle for you to use to help you structure this work. The quantitative research that you will write about is on the topic of working from home at a fictional company, Lomond Insurance.

Details of the case, and the Excel dataset, are provided on Moodle under the “assessment” tab. The assessment is designed to meet the learning outcomes.

Your assessment should include the following four components:

1. Describes the quantitative methodological paradigm, and its underpinning philosophical assumptions, strengths, and limitations.

2. Describe the research sample.

3. Conduct a statistical analysis.

4. Generate evidence-based conclusions and recommendations.

The quantitative analysis that you will complete will comprise of the following statistical tests:

1. Addition - You will combine survey questions asking employees their views of working from home more in the future. This will create a single ‘Working from Home Satisfaction’ score. You will learn how to do this in week 8 of this module.

2. Averages – How happy Lomand Insurance employees are to work more from home in the future. You will show this by using averages (mean, medium, and mode). You will learn how to do this in week 9 of this module.

3. Independent samples T-test – You will present the results of 3 independent samples ttests showing if there is a statistically significant difference in the ‘satisfaction for working from home’ scores between men and woman, between managers and non-managers, and between those with caring responsibilities and those without. You will learn how to do this in week 11 of this module.

4. Correlation – You will present a correlation (along with a scatter graph) showing the relationship between satisfaction for working from home scores and employee extroversion. 

In order to meet these assessment components, you will be guided, week-by-week in each the workshops, through each of the analysis stages.

Workshop 1 & 2 outline the philosophy of research, and the principals of quantitative research. By participating in these workshops you will be able to complete component 1 of the assessment.

Workshop 3 outlines research design, focusing on research samples. By participating in this workshop, you will be able to describe component 2 of the assessment.

Workshops 8 - 11 are held in the IT labs. These workshops will guide you, week-by-week through the statistical analysis that you will need to complete the assessment. Within the workshop you will practice the principals of the statistical tests in a smaller dataset. You will then have the opportunity to work on the assessment, in class, under the supervision of your tutor. This will help you complete component 3 of the assessment.

Workshop 12 outlines how to present statistical evidence, and draw evidence-based conclusions. This workshop will allow you to complete component 4. Some helpful pointers: • This assessment is a mini research project. It is going to be difficult to complete this in a single day. Do not leave this assessment to the last day before starting to work on it.

After each workshop you will be given clear instructions on what you can do to help boost your grades. You may be given specific tasks to complete or chapters to read. Please ensure that you do this to maximise your grades.

You should least 2 academic references to support your assessment submission, which can include the core textbook. Do not reference random websites. Use quality references.

There is a template on Moodle which provides an outline of how your assessment should be structured. Please consider using this template to help structure your writing so that you are including all the 4 components requires for this submission.

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